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How to Build the Me262 in 1/48 Scale


The culmination of my efforts with the Me262 in 1/48 is encapsulated in the book, 

"How to Build the Messerschmitt Me262 in 1/48 scale: A scale model resource and construction guide with multiple kit reviews".(Paperback)  <- click to go to Amazon.com

Covering the building of 24 kits in the following content:

Introduction -----------------------------------------------------

Me262 Model Kits and Supplies & comments

Deciding on a Version ------------------------------------------

Variables ---------------------------------------------------------

General Notes for all Kits ---------------------------------------

General Construction and Flight Surfaces Repositioned ----

Wing Diagram ---------------------------------------------------

General Finishing, Panel Lines, Painting----------------------

Paint Chart ------------------------------------------------------

Me262 stencil markings and placement ---------------------

Canopy & Antennas -------------------------------------------

Kit Reviews & Photos:

Monogram #5410 & 5453

Comments on Trimaster mold kits--------------------------- 

Landing Gear Diagram ----------------------------------------

Trimaster mold kit reviews: DML/Dragon, Revell, Italeri-- 

Tamiya Kit Review ---------------------------------------------

Comparison of Dihedral---------------------------------------

Conversion Kits: ARBA, Black Eagle, Antares, etc ---------

References ------------------------------------------------------

See my Me262 photo gallery web page: http://me262scalemodels.webs.com/